Touching The Lives of Others

We are formed for the purpose of aiding the homeless and the less fortunate in disadvantaged communities within the Western New York Area who are in need of fresh produce, nonperishable foods and hygiene products.

What We Do

Hygiene Products & Household Essentials

We believe it is the right of every person to have the ability to restore their dignity and present themselves in a manner they are comfortable with.

Fresh Produce & Nonperishable Foods

We believe that every person should have access to fresh healthy food options in order to stay nourished and nurtured.

Touching the lives of others by connecting them to opportunities to receive support for their basic care needs.

Join Us in Spreading Love

Rooted In Love Inc invites you to join us on our mission to create a more compassionate and loving world. Whether you contribute as a volunteer, donate to our causes, or simply share our message, your support helps us sow the seeds of love and make a difference in the lives of countless individuals.

Together, we can build a world rooted in love, where kindness reigns supreme, and every person is cherished for who they are.

How You Can Help


We accept donations of non-perishable food items and house essentials to be distributed in the community. Please call to schedule a drop off time.


We accept volunteers to support our main location every Saturday in addition to our scheduled events.


We are able to operate thanks to the kindness of those willing to donate and support our cause. 100% of donations received are poured back into our efforts to support the community.


We believe in the dignity of each and every person. The only way we will be able to address this crisis is through the continued advocacy of our supporters.

Want to Work With Us?

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